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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  March 1, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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and i'm brian hackney. a live look outside as the clouds start to dissipate throughout the bay area. the rain has pretty much mod out. the kpix5 hi-def doppler shs r as the eye can . that was nice while i lasted. a nice look outside lasted. a nice look outside as the clouds start to dissipate throughout the bay area the rain has moved out but kpix5 hi
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def doppler shows hardly a drop as far as the eye can see. rain totals over the last 30 hours show that we did okay. san rafael picked up more than an inch about a quarter of an inch in oakland and a half inch in concorde. more than 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains and about 2 inches at big sur as well. what's going to happen next? not much. take a look at this giant sinkhole that opened up in santa cruz. it was the waves generated by the recent storm that caused it. public works officials say they are familiar with this site it has opened several times. they tried plugging it with a huge rock.
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they estimate the fix will cost up to $100,000. you have to see this video, it looks like a geyser, it is in front of the ocean. there's a whole that's opened underneath a house. it's not clear how it happened but presumably from crashing waves. the house is cordoned off until engineers can figure out what is going off on stomach there's a mess in southern california as well. the monumental cleanup job facing a number of homey owners. >> dennis anderson is in mop up mode. >> i'm going to pump out the water. >> that flow of water and debris streamed into his yard from his next-door neighbor's property. friday's downpour left his backyard deep in mud with that big cleanup job ahead. residents living in the foothills east of loss
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angeles. they evacuated last january with a wildfire and we're ordered to leave once again during friday's powerful pacific storm. southern california will get measurable amounts of rain but not as heavy as friday. forecasters say the threat of mudslides could last through the night. the storm brought down trees and turned up hughes huge waves on redondo beach. these waves got cold though my close to coastal homes. some areas have received up to 9 inches of much-needed rain. but it's not enough to put a dent in one of the worst droughts in california's history. the national weather service calls this a rogue storm and california will dry out next week. more than 1000 homes in hillside neighborhoods are still under mandatory evacuation order for order. civil engineers will make a decision on whether to lift
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those orders. a gruesome discovery in oakland after a fire early this morning. i burned body. but the location is raising questions about whether it's tied to a deadly home invasion last month. the body was found a little after 5:00 a.m. next line home on 34th avenue. investigators say the body so badly burned they're having a difficult time identifying the victim. the same house last month a woman was shot to death during a home invasion. police aren't saying if the cases are linked. >> we don't have information that makes us believe it's connected. so we are investigating this as a separate incident. >> it appears the victim died from the fire and are treating it as a homicide stomach san rafael police are searching for a gunman who opened fire inside a restaurant early this morning. a man wearing a dark hoodie walked into pozner mexican and
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filipino cuisine and shot another man several times. there were other people in the restaurant at the time and no one else was hurt. police are trying to figure out if the gunman and victim knew each other. the victim is in serious condition. rude awakening for an oakland family. a stolen suv was sent careening into the house. someone put brakes on the gas pedal and put it in gear and that sent it hurtling down coolidge avenue. it hit several cars before it landed in the house. the people in the home were asleep and not hurt. >> hurt. >> i heard the bang and felt the bag and then i remember hearing something that was waking me up before that. i woke up and thought it was an earthquake it first. >> the suv ruptured the gas line, three homes nearby were temporarily evacuated. the fbi unveiled a
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nationwide billboard campaign this week in hopes of capturing a fugitive from the bay area. it asked drivers to be on the lookout for daniel andreas san diego from berkeley. san diego has been on the run for a decade. he's accused of setting off bombs at two companies in the east bay. this billboard campaign marked a turning point in the investigation and the fbi needs the public's help. >> the fbi has plastered giant photographs like this one of daniel andreas san diego near the bay bridge and all across the country. he's the first domestic terror jump terrorism fugitive added to the fbi's most wanted list. the bureau is casting a wide net in order to arrest him. >> anyone with eyes and ears can help the fbi out there. and that's why we targeted not only northern california but major port cities miami, tampa and orlando.
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>> seven states have put up these billboards to ramp up the hot. last december fbi agents went door-to-door in this neighborhood where san diego has family ties. the fbi has tips san diego has been spotted in novato san rafael and santa cruz. he could also be in massachusetts, south america or europe. >> it's been many years since the fbi has asked for the public's health and this is one of those cases. >> he's charged in the bombing of the chiron office building in 2003 and a second building at shaklee corporation and present in. >> he intended to cause damage to physical property and it would've been easy for a bystander to be caught in these bombs. >> agents say he's a member of an extreme animal rights group and targeted the biotech companies for their connections with an animal testing lab. it's believed he could still
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avoid eating or wearing anything made with animal products. he could also have several tattoos. a picture of burning hillsides on his chest and burning and collapsing buildings on his back and sides. but it's this picture of san diego with glasses, a crew cut and a hoodie the fbi is banking on. the hope is one of the millions of drivers who passed these billboards will lead law enforcement to this fugitive. >> it's another person in the community that needs to be brought back to justice. clear channel has partnered with the fbi for this campaign. they even put his image at the crossroads of the world in times square. the fbi says 50 billboard campaigns like this would have led to arrests. tensions rising in ukraine and the situation gets more dire by the hour. how russia is justified moving its troops in crimea ,,
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the russian government says it's trying to protect its interest. the united nations has been asked to intervene. >> the secretary-general continues to folklore so follow this seriously and rapidly unfolding events in ukraine and is gravely concerned about the deterioration of the situation. >> president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin about the situation. the white house condemns russia's military action and demand pulls back its troops. >> the bay area ukrainian community is keeping a close eye on the crisis in the homeland. when asked about the russian military getting involved they had clear opinions. >> all around the bay ukrainians, russians and others who came to the u.s. after the breakup of the soviet union pray as they watch events
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unfold. the troops sees two main airports, parliament and main government office buildings. >> families with children and grandchildren, i have my brother in ukraine. so many relatives of course i was so worried. >> in camel today about 40 to 50 citizens of this a former soviet union attended church. this woman says ukrainians had no choice but to rebel. >> such huge corruption in the ukraine. it's not possible for people to be happy and have a future. people don't have future because of corrupted government. >> the move by the russian military prompted this demonstration in san francisco at the russian consulate. >> i think we should stay out of the business of the dependent country of ukraine. they should let us deal with our problems. sending the military is not the right way to do it. >> they reject the argument
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that russian troops entered to protect russians in ukraine. >> russian speaking population speak some kind of protection from putin i think is propaganda. since i never heard the anybody who speaks russian being oppressed in ukraine ever . and i lived there for 33 years. >> demonstrators protested the cameras of the russian consulate were watching, but no one was responding. demonstrators wanted to make the point they're not just ukrainians opposed to what they think russia is going to do but they are members of other ethnic groups who are also opposed. the newest candidate to join in the races platform has just got clout crowded. we're campaigning for more rain in the area. we will look at rain totals and return with the forecast after
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the break
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. throwing her hat in the rinr oakland mayor. schaaf officially launched her campaign todayp priorities include making oakland safer, education fol . councilwoman libby schaap is throwing her hat into the ring for oakland mayor. chef officially launched her campaign today. priorities include making oakland safer, education for all children and a more open city government and a plan to create more open jobs. she's entering a crowded field with 12 others. here's a look at some of the
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top candidates. jean quan is running for reelection and is considered the front runner. dan siegel is a former oakland school board member, and joe toomey is at san francisco state university political science professor who finished fourth in the 2010 election. let's take a look at what's in store in the bay area. we have a mild like night we were on the northern fringes, we still got some pretty good rain and the numbers right now are mostly in the 50s and 60s around the bay area. first we have a video to show you from san martine which is between gilroy and morgan hill on the 101. you can see the rainbow over on the horizon. an indication of the showers heading east and the sun behind it illuminating it.
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numbers in the bay area show we have 61 a concord, 61 for oakland and liver livermore as 61. windsor out of the east, san francisco east south easterly winds at eight. san jose at 70 miles an hour. that should limit fog formation there could be a few patches out there after all the moisture. look for numbers to tumble to the low 50s. partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay overnight. tomorrow afternoon numbers recover to the mid-50s. when the rain left the saw sky brightened. as you can see we've got nothing on the radar map, it's just clear for the most part. showers and and we will dry out as the low-pressure unwinds over santa barbara. high pressure will replace it and we will look sunday to heat up a little bit. there's a slight chance of a rogue
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shower. but it didn't do much for the drought. we're still looking at numbers that are about 40% of average this time of year. also in the mountains where really counts, we are so far behind it would take something of major proportions to bring us back to normal. mostly dry on monday and the rest of the week looks okay except for small chance of rain on wednesday. travelers forecast looks like clouds for los angeles on monday. chicago is down to 16 degrees and the rest of the country is freezing. they have big ice storms on the way for parts of the tennessee valley. extended forecast after little bit of a chance on sunday. we will be looking for a small chance of rain on wednesday, then the latter half of the week looks high and dry.
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we've got a basketball shot you will not believe . that and basketball on the men's side, trying to get it going ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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make the ncaa tournament in couple of weeks..., d the men like thier n . college basketball at top, let's talk packed 12. there's talk seven teams out of the conference could make the ncaa tournament with the cattlemen like their name on that bracket?
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arizona state had a nice. on the round justin cause made as a believer. the trailed by five at the half. all arizona state. right back at you. and it's the kissing again, striking as he tiptoes baseline and the reverse jam. they blow out the bears 78-60. bears now 18 and 11. overall 9 and seven mac in the conference. baseball in the cactus league variety. the a's making a bid for, two innings a couple of strikeouts against the rangers as first spring start. look at derek noris, gone down in the bell train. because of spring training the
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game ended in a 2-2 tae. cameras looking for new yankee sensation matzo hero tanaka yankees spring debut. they signed a 25-year-old to a 155 million-dollar contract. struck out three mac against the phillies. yankees win for 4-0. no giants baseball today. doesn't mean we can't have fun with these guys who have this in common. the three guys with the best hair are in the same hitting group. yeah, the do group yeah, long hair group.
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but you guys don't talk about product or anything like that. not yet. we do complement each other a little bit. i have to start asking what they put in their hair because it's fabulous all the time spee mac i didn't notice that. i will have to pay more attention. i think they're doing something in their speed mac maybe a head and shoulders commercial in your future spee mac i didn't use it spee mac didn't you? did you? all three of us. yeah we will look for that spot. look at tiger woods, making a bid for a period best score of the year of 5 under 65 and chuck like that on the 11th will help. 7 strokes off the lead. not to be outdone russell finley on 17, and it tracks right in there. two strokes behind mcelroy who was 100 today, 12 under for the term in it. but a 2 stroke lead clears the
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field going to the final round tomorrow. former shark beginning to back up give it up 42-year-old still doing it. the devils will when it 6-1. high school playoffs sacred heart cathedral at half moon bay last night tied in the final second. sacred heart junior david parsons a 75-foot heave at the buzzer, will when it win it for the irish. forty-nine-46. a mosh pit on the court.
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spee mac how long do you practice shots like that? spee mac at lunch. often do you make it spee mac never spee mac i'm happy we won spee mac you know often times when i nailed the shelling come downstairs and people just want to know how you do it it's just lucky you know i just feel it. that's going to do is for. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child anywhere on this planet have to live a life of misery? >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed.
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just imagine a life alone that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and then die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life. >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: hello, i'm roma downey. about thirteen years ago when i was filming "touched by an angel," we did a story about an organization called operation smile. i saw children who had been born with facial deformities. the doctors and nurses, all volunteers,
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